Production Notes

A mirco-budget, community built, first feature film. Shot for under $25,000 CDN, completed with crowd-sourced funding, this is the very first feature film for filmmaker, Shawna Cox and most of the volunteer cast and crew.

With just 12 shooting days, over 5 years, with 2 different DPs and with 4 different cameras (arcing the evolution of indie digital filmmaking technology) finishing with the Canon MarkII, the film is self financed with finishing funds raised through Shawna’s personal network and Kickstarter.

Guerrilla shot (no permits) with a skeleton crew (averaging 11 cast and crew a day) with bare bones equipment (digital camera, sound and basic lighting kit) and realized by locations donated from Shawna’s personal community in Gastown, Vancouver.

Shawna has spent a total of 8 years taking the film from first writing draft to first festival screening. The film was written, developed and features talent and music from Calgary, Canada and was shot on location in Vancouver, Canada.

This is the very first feature film for Shawna Cox (filmmaker), Amelia Trinidad (lead actress), Mark Ghanime and Jamie Switch (supporting leads), and Arran Fisher (music and composer). All are originally from Calgary, Canada and some currently live in Vancouver, Canada.

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