Welcome Arran Fisher of Acoustikitty

I am excited to announce that Arran has come on board to craft an ORIGINAL SOUND and MUSIC SCORE for One Night in Seattle. Acoustikitty is Arran Fisher’s recording operation, based out of Calgary, Canada.

This is not the first time Arran’s music will be a part of an iDream Films Production. The first one wasn’t planned, it was happen-chance. This second one, was much the same. I walked into a cafe, and… well, as per the film and my life, interesting things tend happen when you walk into a cafe, destiny kinda takes the lead if you are open and willing…

I met Arran way back while I was writing the film into the wee hours of the night at Cafe Beano in Calgary. Arran was working as a barrista to pay the bills and make his music. In 1999, Arran formed the psych rock group The Summerlad, which toured several times across Canada and the U.S., released four albums, and received national acclaim for making music that defied easy categorization…

…for Video, Music and more on the making of the film with Shawna, read the rest of her post at Canadian Film Girl on WordPress:

What DOES a Kitty, a Duck, Tacos & Cowtown have in common?


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