Making the Film – July 3, 2007

We are starting Principle Photography this Friday, July 6, and we will keep you posted along the way! Woo-hoo! Next stop behind the scene? …Day 1. See you on set,


Making the Film : July 3, 2007 – enter here >>  VIP – ’3Way Cafe’ NY Location | Behind the Scenes

This is pretty much where shooting the film was about to turn from just a dream into a reality. I had no idea that the next few days would launch me into a journey I would never forget.

Above is the link to the original blog entry and photos that led to that day (the name of the film has changed handles a few times & that’s another story for a later time).

And now, we are almost done… Finishing post production and preparing for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival >>

The Film & The Race on Kickstarter

-Shawna Cox, Director/Writer/Producer of One Night in Seattle

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